As Americans hit the road this holiday season, they are likely to encounter thousands of other cars also heading out to visit friends and relatives. Roughly 42.2 million Americans will travel at least 50 miles from their home this year.

Deciding which navigation system to use may be crucial. It might save a lot of your time or it can drive you directly into a traffic jam where you can get stuck for hours. If your company offers these kinds of services, you definitely want to be the one that drives users away from traffic. But how can you know if your service is good enough and will do exactly that?

To see if your traffic reporting quality is good enough, you need to get out and compare yourself with leaders on the market. PlaceLab analyzes traffic speed in real-time, where we compare your traffic data with that of your competitors.

During rush hours in Miami, on Thanksgiving day, we collected traffic data in real-time from five different providers. The results in the graph above, indicate that travelers using service from provider 1 might run into a traffic jam.

A traffic analysis of this type is intended to clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses and to be used as an unbiased report which will communicate your value to potential clients.